CEN WS XBRL public as European Standards and included among the list 220 European CEN Standards  

The final deliverables were approved on 2013-12-11 at the XBRL week in Luxembourg

CWA1, headed by Katrin Heinze (Bundesbank, Deutschland)

CWA1-1 European Data Point Methodology for Supervisory Reporting
CWA1-2 Guidelines for Data Point Modelling
CWA1-3 European XBRL Taxonomy Architecture
CWA1-4 European Filing Rules
CWA1-5 Mapping between Data Point Model and Multidimensional Data Model

CWA2, headed by Emile Bartolé (Comm. Surveillance Secteur Financier, Luxemb.)
CWA2 Metadata Container
CWA2 Proof of concept tools

CWA3, headed by Aitor Azcoaga (European Insurance & O.  P. Authority, Europe)
CWA3-1 XBRL Supervisory Roll-out Guide
CWA3-2 XBRL Handbook for Declarers

See Announcement and Agenda, as well as explanations on the Final phase CEN/WS XBRL

Best practices and interoperability for reporting domains, such as Banking and Insurance Supervision in Europe, are the goals of this CEN project:

CEN Workshop XBRL – Improving transparency in financial and business reporting

Recent financial crises have uncovered one of the major deficiencies of the existing financial system: the lack of transparency. More specifically in the European Union, transparency is hampered by the absence of harmonisation in financial regulatory reporting. The intention of this CEN Workshop is to prepare a series of CWA’s that promulgate XBRL deliverables on a wider and standardised basis in Europe. XBRL, as a global standard for financial and business reporting, based on XML, holds the promise to create transparency in financial regulatory reporting. Read more… CEN WS XBRL wiki workspace, open for comments 

  • CEN: Comité Européen de Normalisation / European Committee for Standardization.
  • CWA: CEN Workshop Agreement.
  • XBRL: eXtensible Business Reporting Language

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