Final deliverables approved on 11th December 2013 at the XBRL week in Luxembourg

CWA1, headed by Katrin Heinze (Bundesbank, Deutschland)
CWA1-1 European Data Point Methodology for Supervisory Reporting
CWA1-2 Guidelines for Data Point Modelling
CWA1-3 European XBRL Taxonomy Architecture
CWA1-4 European Filing Rules
CWA1-5 Mapping between Data Point Model and Multidimensional Data Model

CWA2, headed by Emile Bartolé (Comm. Surveillance Secteur Financier, Luxemb.)
CWA2 Metadata Container
CWA2 Proof of concept tools

CWA3, headed by Aitor Azcoaga (European Insurance & O.  P. Authority, Europe)
CWA3-1 XBRL Supervisory Roll-out Guide
CWA3-2 XBRL Handbook for Declarers

Data Point Modelling

The repository of Data Point Modelling references is located at

Initial draft working documents about Data Point Modelling (DPM), in .docx format:

Core Business Vocabulary

Left: European Commission, Core Business Vocabulary -CBV-

Conceptual Model Excel Tables CBV 20130213

CBV XBRL Taxonomy and Examples, Version 0.2

Taxonomies survey:

Please complete the TAGTF-ObservationDocument from XBRL International, Best Practices Board, to gather the choices made for various features in a given taxonomy, and send it to Eric Jarry It also would be very useful copy to as a contribution to be published in this CEN WS XBRL website.

Questionaires using the TAGTF-ObservationDocument received:

COREP:  COREP TAGTF-ObservationDocument 

FINREP: FINREP_TAGTF-ObservationDocument


EBA XBRL group. Presentations. London, 2013-02-20

CWA1_Harmonization    CWA2_Metadata    CWA3_Roll out

CWA (CEN Workshop Agreements)

for the Plenary Meeting on Dec. 12th

Agenda, Plenary Session, 2012-12-12  (Presentation)

CWA1: CEN Workshop Agreement 1: Harmonization topics  (Presentation)

CWA2: CEN Workshop Agreement 2: Metadata container (Presentation)

CWA3: CEN Workshop Agreement 3: Roll-out – Reporting Entities (Presentation)

CWA3: CEN Workshop Agreement 3: Roll-out – Supervisors


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