CWA2: Metadata container

“Metadata container” to submit and test XBRL instance documents

Convenor: Emile Bartolé

  • Functional XBRL expert: Javi Mora (XBRL Spain)
  • Technical XBRL expert: Elina Koskentalo (XBRL Finland)
  • XBRL developer expert: Eduardo González (Gonblan)
  • Volunteer: Iñaki Vázquez (Business Registers)

Main specification  document (deliverable): 

Proof of Concept (Open Source) tools:

XML Header, XML Feedback (container, instance) and XBRL (proof of concept): 

Objective: Provide a standard Metadata Container to enable XBRL sourcing, with in addition necessary compliance tools to enable all stakeholders to test and ensure full adherence to the technical standards.

Metadata such as sender of the document, contact details, date and time of submission, version, digital signature, etc.. are not included in the taxonomies, because they really don’t belong to the data model. On the other hand, and often for legal reasons, these data are required by national regulators. As a consequence, a variety of national protocols has been engineered, which complicates the life of cross-border institutions, but also prohibit the possibility to create a harmonized European collection system. Metadata are needed as well for financial reporting as for company legal and economical data. For the digital signature, existing solutions from the Business Registers, who have a deep expertise of the topic, may be generalized. In order to ensure compliance with the protocol, this project will deliver online tools for all stakeholders to use and to test compliance with the complete set (metadata container and XBRL instance document.

This CWA will provide standard protocols and mechanisms for digital signature, administrative data such as identification of submitter, feedback parameters, versioning of subsequent submissions and encryption, as well as online collaborative tools to ensure compliance.

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