Public consultation closed Oct 9th 2013

Documents for public consultation, published on July 9th 

CWA1, headed by Katrin Heinze (Bundesbank, Deutschland)
CWA1-1 European data point methodology 201306
CWA1-2 Guidelines for data point modeling 201306
CWA1-3 European XBRL Taxonomy Architecture 201306
CWA1-4 European Filing Rules 201306
CWA2, headed by Emile Bartolé (Comm. Surveillance Secteur Financier, Luxemb.)
CWA2 Metadata container 201306
CWA3, headed by Aitor Azcoaga (European Insurance & O.  P. Authority, Europe)
CWA3-1 XBRL Supervisory Roll-out Guide 201306
CWA3-2 XBRL Handbook for Declarers 201306

Comments received by October 9th:

See the General Comments from he public review (closed Oct. 9th), and details at:
Banque de FranceCWA1-1   CWA1-2    CWA1-3    CWA1-4   CWA3-1   CWA3-2
Corefiling UK: CWA1-4  CWA2  Corefiling USA: CWA1-3  CWA1-4
European Banking AuthorityCWA1-1  CWA1-3  CWA1-4
Piotr Malczak: User-friendly Formula Meta Description (FMD) notation for CWA1-2
Spanish National BankCWA1-3  CWA1-4            XBRL Spain:   CWA1-2
University UC3MCWA1-1    CWA1-2  CWA1-3   CWA1-4   CWA2   CWA3-1   CWA3-2
Many thanks to all the contributors.  Special Action winners are awaited in Luxembourg.

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